AKSOIL GEAR LINE EP ULTRA 75W/90 GL-5 Full Synthetic



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brand: AKSOIL

AKSOIL GEAR LINE EP ULTRA 75W/90 GL-5 is high performance, full synthetic gear oil that is developed to be used in synchromesh/ non- synchromesh gearboxes and differentials of passenger vehicles, heavy vehicles and earth movers requiring lubrication in the performance level of API GL-5. It provides excellent performance during four seasons because of its high viscosity index. While it makes shifting easier under very low temperatures, it also provides high lubrication and resistance against oxidation under very high temperatures. It provides protection against abrasion even under sudden load shocks due to its excessive pressure feature (EP), and extends its life, and minimizes maintenance costs.

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It provides easy shifting under lower temperatures due to its excellent viscosity.
It has high lubrication feature thanks to its excellent oil film resistance.
It does not lose its properties even under heavy operation conditions, and provided optimum film strength.
It prevents abrasion under any temperature and heavy loads, and provides long transmission life due to its excessive pressure (EP) performance.
Due to its excellent compatibility with sealing elements, it reduces lubrication costs.
It diminishes friction and thus provides comfortable operation and fuel cost-saving.

Approvals and Specifications

ZF TE-ML 05A, 7A, 12E, 16B, C and D, 17B, 19B
MAN 342M-1, MAN 342 M2
Scania STO 1:0
Volvo 1273.12