AKSOIL MOTORCYCLE 4T 10W/40 Semi Synthetic



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brand: AKSOIL

AKSOIL MOTORCYCLE 4T 10W/40 is semi Synthetic engine oil that is developed for four-stroke motorcycle engines. It provides protection against abrasion by forming protective film coating on motor parts. It prevents rust, corrosion and foam formations thanks to high quality additives it contains. It extends working life of engine and oil and increases their performances. It substantially reduces adverse effects resulting from long time and high speed usages, heavy urban traffic, sudden accelerations, brake or short time usages. It is appropriate to be used in motorcycles with wet clutch coupling.

Additional information


It provides excellent engine performance in air and water cooling engines even at high temperatures.
It prevents oil film from tearing by keeping oil viscosity under control even under harsh conditions because of its high and stabile viscosity index.
Oil’s life span is long because of its high resistance against abrasions, rust and corrosion.
It provides low oil consumption and long oil change period.
It provides sustainable maximum engine performance through its special formulation that can release power.

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