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brand: AKSOIL

Super Anti-freeze SNF (Silicate Nitride-Free) is a long life and environmentally-friendly (it does not contain biodegradable / borate, nitrite, nitrate, amine, phosphate and silicate) anti-freeze that is specially developed by using organic acid technology in order to be used in cooling systems of high performance, water cooling, internal combustion engines with modern-day aluminum cooler core, and that contains mono ethylene glycol and high quality, organic and corrosion preventive additives.

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It is especially recommended for aluminum alloy radiators and cooling systems manufactured from light metals. It can also provide high performance in radiators with cast and steel bodies.
It does not contain borate, nitrite, nitrate, amine, phosphate and silicate which are harmful to the nature (Biodegradable), and is more environmentally-friendly than the most of anti-freezes with old technology.
It prevents formations of possible damages resulting from expansion by delaying freezing and boiling of water in radiator. It does not reduce its stability even in hard water and thus diminishes maintenance costs in thermostats, radiators and water pumps.
It prevents corrosion on any kind of light metal and aluminum alloy used in cooling systems. It provides effective protection in radiator and engine bodies.
No residue occurs even if it is mixed with urban water and used.