GOLD SERIES ATF DEXRON II Automatic Transmission Oil



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brand: AKSOIL

ATF DEXRON II is high quality automatic transmission oil that is prepared with very well-refined base oils. It is used in hydraulic steering systems and automatic transmission systems of vehicles requiring performance levels of GM Dexron II and Mercon. Furthermore, it is safely used in passenger vehicles, steering gears of heavy vehicles, automatic transaxles and transmissions.

Additional information


It has a longer life thanks to its high oxidation resistance.
It provides soft and smooth transmission thanks to its high viscosity under low temperatures.
It forms high quality film layer and provides perfect lubrication, and prevents abrasions in gears and bearings.
It provides operations that are without loss and trouble in automatic transmissions by dispersing heat very well.
Thanks to its high viscosity index, it minimizes frictions in a wide range of operating temperature.

Approvals and Specifications

GM Dexron IID
MB Page 236.7, 236.5
Caterpillar TO-2
MAN 339 V1, Z1
Allison C-4
Voith G607
Hägglunds Denison HF-O