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performance requirements and specifications of constant variable transmissions. It is a completely synthetic automatic transmission fluid for the latest generation CVT transmission. This transmission oil has been developed for the smoother, consistent and maximum protection of the transmission parts to extend service life and provide a smooth driving experience.

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• Excellent thermal and oxidation stability improves optimized friction resistance, anti-flick performance and transmission efficiency.
• High shear strength and advanced foam prevention and air evacuation features make effective lubrication throughout the lubrication range.
• It provides excellent fluidity thanks to its excellent lubrication capability at low ambient temperatures in cold weather conditions.
• It provides maximum protection against wear in extreme operating conditions and extends the life of transmission.
• The special formula minimizes friction loss of permanent variable transmissions and provides accurate performance, operational assurance and fuel economy.

Approvals and Specifications

BMW CVT EZL 799A, Ford EU WSS-M2C928-A, Focus C-Max CFT23, Ford USA
WSS-M2C933-A, XT-7-QCFT Freestyle, Five Hundred CFT30, Honda CVT Fluid 08200-9006, HMMF Ultra Fluid 08260-99904, 08260-99907, MB 236.20 A
0019894603, Mazda TFF CVT Fluid TC JWS3320 K020-W0-051W, Nissan CVT Fluid NS-1, KLE50 00002, KLE50 00004, Opel/GM 1940713, Subaru i-CVT Fluid K0415-YA090, Suzuki S-CVT 99000-22801-000, Toyota CVT Fluid TC 08886- 02105, VW/AUDI G052180A1/A2/A6, TL 52180, VW G 052 516 A2, Mini Cooper CVT