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0W-30 is a synthetic motor oil that meets the performance requirements of the new generation of engines, providing outstanding engine protection and increased fuel economy. It is specifically designed to offer unprecedented levels of protection in the first run in the coldest environment. High-revving engine needs, and powerful low viscosity engine oil. It was improved to get the highest performance from your vehicle. The special formula provides effective cleaning in the engine, superior protection against wear, and noticeable fuel economy.

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• It provides excellent protection against wear in all types of operating and driving conditions in the new generation of high performance diesel or gasoline engines.
• It provides fuel economy thanks to its improved anti-friction feature.
• Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability to maintain performance during the longest range of oil changes recommended by vehicle manufacturers.
• Thanks to its excellent fluidity in cold weather conditions, it ensures fast lubrication of engine parts during the first operation and protects the engine against wear.
• It reduces oil consumption thanks to its low volatility, thereby helping to reduce hydrocarbon pollution.
• It protects emission systems by helping to keep diesel particulate filters clean.

Approvals and Specifications

ACEA C2 / C3
BMW Longlife-04
MB 229.3/ 229.5
Renault RN0700/0710
VW 502 00/505 00
GM Dexos 2