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It is a mono ethylene glycol-based, nitrous, amine and phosphate-free concentrated cooling fluid designed to be used in the radiators of the cooling systems of gasoline and diesel engines. It is used in all seasons as its formulation prevents cooling water from freezing in cold weather and boiling in hot weather. For optimum protection in the cooling system of engines, it should be diluted by 50%.

Additional information


• Its superior additive inhibitors prevent corrosion and foaming in the engine cooling system and prevent cracking and other damages.
• It provides excellent protection against freezing, boiling and corrosion in the radiators in the cooling system in all climatic conditions.
• It prevents the formation of electrolysis and it provides high-performance operation.
• It protects the thermostat, radiator and water pump by reducing the need for repair.
• It is compatible with all cooling system parts and sealing elements.
• It increases the efficiency of the cooling system, keeps the engine's temperature low and extends the engine life.

Approvals and Specifications

ASTM D 3306 / ASTM D 4985 TS 3582
MERCEDES DBL 7700 CUNA NC 956-16 (I) BS 6580
MAN 324
AFNOR R 15 / 601 (F) SAE J1034
GM US 6277 M